The Macedonian Association of counselors of career development (АSК) is founded by a group of enthusiasts – professionals who went through the process of a certified program training for facilitators for career development, developed by NBCC from the USA, by the name of Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF).

The program was organized by Carana/ My Career a project for competitiveness, which was financed by USAID. As a result from the program, around 25 professionals from different areas (education, training centers, counselors houses etc.) granted valuable theoretical and practical knowledge in the domain of career planning and development. These skills, backed up by the practical experience which the facilitators have from their years-long work experience in the field of Human Resources are of great value for every potential user of the services for career counseling and development. The members of ASK are also certified GCDF coaches, who are authorized to train and certify career facilitators by the GCDF program, in cooperation with the organization My Career.

The members of ASK know the importance of professional help in planning and career development on an individual and organizational level. With their work, the facilitators for career development provide services so the real human potential can come to the right work place, with which not only the individual, but also the society gets improvement.

The association with its membership contains a strong capacity viewing the level of professionalism of its members who have a lot of experience in career counseling and human resources. The founders and members of the management board of ASK are certified GCDF facilitators: Natasa Ivanovska, Zaklina Gestakovska Aleksovska, Mirjana Pehcevska Pop-Ilieva,Ivana Dojcinovska Stojanovik, Biljana Velevska,  Afrodita Kermicieva Panovska, Hristina Dzambazovska I Elena Katlanovska.

There is a process of formal registration of members who want to join the activities of the Association.