In the process of training, which lasts 7 months, you’ll go through modules of training by the International program for training of career facilitators:

Module I- Theories for career development

Module II- Communication skills and the process of giving guidance

Module III- Process of assessment in career development

Module IV- Process of training and programs for career development

Module V- Deciding, planning and making strategies for employment

Module VI- Labor market (information about career and the labor market)

Module VII- Ethical and legal questions in career guidance

The team of trainers in ASK is a inter-disciplinary team of
psychologists, pedagogues, economists, engineers and coaches with more than 15 years of experience, as also experienced projects managers in organizations and MHR consultants in companies (consultants in managing human resources). Everyone included in the role of a career facilitator and supervisor are certified career facilitators for career counseling by the GCDF (Global Career Development Facilitator) methodology and part of them work with tools that are part of SDI(Strength Deployment Inventory), which offers an opportunity for working as SDI practitioner.