The mission of ASK is to include career counseling in the Republic of Macedonia and set it to the needed professional and practical level, in order for our users to get relevant support in the process of career planning and development, also our mission is to raise awareness for the importance of career counseling.

Professional career counseling by our certified GCDF career facilitators represents help(assistance) and professional guidance for developing the real potentials of the individuals and successes in organizations, which also influences the eternal economy growth of the whole country. A priority goal for the activities of ASK is training of the already existing or hiring new certified GCDF Career Facilitators in the Career centers of relevant institutions, where the planning and choices about the type of education and career are made.

As primary target groups for the activities of ASK are identified primary schools, high schools and universities, where the professional help for choosing a profession is very important for the pupils and students, but also for the whole community. In this way, a closer connection between the affinities of individuals and the needs of the community for specific staff and profiles is being made. Also, throughout the services which ASK provides, in forms of training and workshops, graduated students have a chance for improving skills in the process of getting a job. Services provided by ASK are a serious support of activities which are already in use in this field in the process of education, over standardized programs for training people who work directly with the pupils and students in the field of career development.

Also, ASK works with counseling the parents within the educational institutions, with the purpose of including the parent as support in the choice of the right profession for the student, where he/she can reach the peak of his/hers potential.

Very important target groups for the projects of АСК are individuals that look for employment, through the Employment Agency and her centers though out the Republic. Specific projects that can be implemented in the way of developing skills which increase the employment of unemployed individuals, are also under services that АСК provides.

The services of ASK are also available for professional individuals who are in different stages of their careers, as an example, an individual that is in the middle of a career transition or are confronting challenges in the work place.