• Individual career counseling

Through the individual meeting – session of career counseling the clients have the opportunity to create and explore their own vision for a career, to create career goals, to explore their own interest and values related to their workplace through taking tests and other self-reflecting tools. The result of the process is an individual career plan.

The individual sessions can be related with themes such as: pleasure from the workplace, counseling through a time of career transition/changing the workplace etc.

    • Group session for career counseling and informing

This format of group work, is mostly used for career informing, training on career related topics and similar workshops that allow the participants to strengthen their career-building abilities.

    • Career Planning programs for companies

In collaboration with the Human Resources sector and the company’s management, a career concept for employees is being developed and introduced as a part of the talent management system. With it, the companies work in the field of talent management, building on the human capacities in organizations.